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Premium BBQ smokers, Made in the USA in the heart of Indiana with unmatched attention to detail, these smokers elevate your BBQ game to new heights. Embrace the art of slow-cooked perfection and savor the mouthwatering results of authentic Indiana BBQ.

Pizza Ovens

Make your next pizza with our premium wood-fired pizza ovens. Our ovens elevate your pizza game and experience, delivering crispy crusts and perfectly melted cheese. Get the perfect pizza with Sabre Metalworks Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens.

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Our Story

Over 30 years of metal fab experience.

Sabre Metalworks is a family owned metal fab shop located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  We create metal and wood furniture, BBQ smoker pits and cookers, decorative items, and custom designs of all kinds.


Rubs & Seasonings

AMMO Rubs and Sauces’ collection of rubs and seasonings. This BBQ ammunition will elevate your BBQ to a whole new level. From: sweet, smokey, and spicy barbecue blends to mouthwatering cajun, fajita, and steak spice blends, AMMO Rubs and Sauces makes sure you never go into battle without your AMMO.

Sauces & Glazes

AMMO Rubs and Sauces is the secret weapon to elevate any BBQ. From our Sweet & Tangy BBQ Sauce to Buffalo Sauces, Carolina Mustards, Hot & Smokey BBQ Sauces, and Steak & Chop Sauces, we meticulously craft our recipes until they are perfect. Make sure you never go into battle without your AMMO.

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Our Story

Never go into battle without your AMMO.

AMMO Rubs and Sauces started from a simple recipe developed more than 20 years ago from a simple hamburger seasoning in a farmhouse right here in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Why the Sabre Metalworks Family?

Family Values

Christ Focused

100% Made in U.S.A.

Anyone can BBQ

Custom ORders

Order a custom cooker, Smoker Pit, Grill, Oven, Firepit, Etc. for all your Outdoor Cooking Needs

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