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The Sabre Metalworks Cow-Tipper is the toughest spatula on the market. Constructed of 12 gauge stainless steel, this beast of a flipper is meant to hold the heaviest of briskets. Always pull your brisket off the smoker with a perfect untouched bark with the Cow-Tipper, and never drop your bbq masterpiece again. The Sabre Metalworks Cow-Tipper is expertly handcrafted by our team of professionals to ensure the highest quality. Your choice of wooden handle scales bonded to the spatula with high-strength epoxy and three large pins. A scratch-resistant finish ensures this beast will stand up to any abuse and still look good doing it. The Sabre Metalworks Cow-Tipper is the end all be all of spatulas.


Ergonomic handle – Extended handle scales give a more comfortable and ergonomic feel for anyone to use

Purpose Defined – Never ruin the bark on your brisket or lose control of the pork butt and ribs cooking on your smoker. Designed to be rock solid with zero compromise

Scratch resistant Finish Finished to the optimal grit to prevent scratching while still giving a smooth and easy to clean brushed surface

Built to Last – Fit perfectly together, the Sabre MEtalworks Cow-Tipper uses 3 large pins and high strength epoxy to permanently seal and bond the handle material to the steel Handle


Material – 304 Stainless Steel

Material Thickness – 12 gauge (0.1046 in)

Finish – 36 Grit Brushed with coarse conditioning pads

paddle Width- 10 inch paddle width

Handle Assembly – Bonded with up to 3000 PSI Epoxy and three 3/8in 6061 Aluminum Pins

Washing – Hand-wash, not dishwasher safe

Includes – Sabre MEtalworks Cow-Tipper

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