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Pizza Steel 12x12

Regular Price – $40.00 + Shipping

The Sabre Metalworks 12x12 pizza steel is the perfect cross between portable and still great to use every day in the kitchen. This steel is ideal for bread and pizza, keeping an incredibly stable and even heat throughout the cook. This steel is nearly indestructible, weighing in at around 10 lbs, and never shatter a ceramic baking stone again. Use it on camping getaways, as an outdoor bbq griddle plate, or just in your kitchen. Anytime you need a flat surface to cook on this steel is always ready. The Sabre Metalworks 12x12 Pizza Steel is ideal for any pizza night, bread maker, or baker. The perfect addition to any kitchen.


Even Cooking – Cooks more even than a tradition baking stone

best all around – use it anywhere you need a flat surface to cook on: the campground, backyard bbq, kitchen, etc…

easy grab handles – for anyone who has ever used a Baking Stone in an oven you know they grip hold of the baking racks.  This pizza Steel with its large grab handles will be easily handled in and out of the oven. The Handles also act as hangers for storage

Heat Management – Steel has a higher Thermal Capacity and Thermal Conductivity than traditional stone, for a more even and controlled heat

Versatility- for use in ovens, grills, smokers, fire pits, camp sites, etc… anywhere that there is heat this steel can be used

cooking Temperature – Capable of over 900 F


Weight – Total Weight around 10 Lbs.

Cooking Surface – Carbon Steel 12 inch x 12 inch x 1/4 inch Pizza Steel

Grab Handles – oversized and placed diagonally so you can always hold on to this Steel

Washing and Seasoning – hand-wash with hot water and season with your choice of oils, treat exactly like cast iron

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