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Our core foundation has always focused on three main principles:  GOD, Family, and Country.  We honor God with our hard work and determination to solve our customers problems and provide them with the best products and service available.  Family owned and operated, Sabre Metalworks is proudly located in the heart of the country in Fort Wayne, Indiana.   With over 70 years of combined experience in the world of metal fabrication, we leverage this experience to help our customers get exactly what they want or need.  Our products include BBQ smokers, grills and cookers of all types and sizes, metal and wood furniture, decorative items and custom fabrications of all kinds.   In addition to our metal fabricated items, we recently decided to branch out and share with the public our treasured family recipes.  As a result, AMMO Rubs and Sauces was born.  We truly believe that there is no better way to honor God than collectively, as a family, working hard to serve HIM by serving our customers with integrity and honor.

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Never go into battle without your AMMO.  After many years of family get-togethers and dinners, we’ve been told over and over again we needed to make our rubs and sauces available to the public.  We listened and created AMMO Rubs and Sauces.  Still founded on our three main principles of GOD, Family and Country, we love that AMMO Rubs and Sauces gave us another opportunity to touch the lives around us, by bringing families together over a good meal.  We are also proud to be strengthening our communities by supporting products Made in the U.S.A.